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Truck and Warehouse



Depending on whether you order in-store or online, the options you have for delivery may differ.


The shipping methods for most items are categorized as either curbside or parcel freight, with the selection based on the size and weight of the product. These shipments are carried out by third-party carriers, including FedEx, UPS, or USPS. It's important to note that certain products may be shipped directly from the vendor rather than the local store. Consequently, shipping and delivery times can vary due to factors such as distance, the chosen carrier, and unforeseen circumstances that may arise during transit.

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Customers who choose to pick up merchandise from any Global Stone location must ensure they have a suitable and safe vehicle for transportation. They bear full responsibility for the pick-up and transportation of the merchandise. While Global Stone offers assistance in loading purchased items as a courtesy to customers, it is the customer's duty to communicate any concerns about the load's weight or safety to the employee assisting them. Global Stone reserves the right to refuse or discontinue loading service. It is the customer's sole responsibility to secure the merchandise properly and ensure it is adequately loaded and secured before leaving the premises. Global Stone cannot be held liable for any damages incurred to vehicles during the loading process. If equipment or machinery is being used, customers must maintain a minimum distance of ten feet from the operation and take necessary precautions to protect themselves from potential harm. CUSTOMER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOADING AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE AND RELEASES GLOBAL STONE / GLOBAL STONE OF NY FROM ANY LIABILITY, DAMAGES OR CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF CUSTOMER'S PICK UP AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE.

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Once you have received your shipment, follow the instructions below:

  • Count the product against your purchase receipt.

  • Inspect and verify the type of merchandise purchased, quantity, model number, color, dye lots for porcelain and ceramic products.

  • Open the boxes to ensure you have received undamaged product.

  • Notate any concerns (missing product, damage etc) on the delivery document to expedite resolution.

  • Contact Customer Care with any concerns.

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