DITRA-HEAT twisted pair heating cable is designed to snap into DITRA-HEAT uncoupling membrane (sold separately)...Manufactured by Schluter-Systems, EMF-cancelling DITRA-HEAT radiant heating cable installs directly into DITRA-HEAT or DITRA-HEAT-TB cable installation membrane (sold separately) for use under tile or stone flooring....Additional benefits include:..3-stud spacing (generates 12.75 Watts per square foot)..Low construction height (Cable thickness = 4.8mm)..Significantly reduced installation time. No self-leveler required!..120V and 240V options available in a variety of lengths..IMPORTANT Information..Do not purchase a heating cable the same size as the area to be tiled; this will be too much heating cable..Never CUT the heating cable. This would change the cable resistance and could lead to a fire.

Schluter Systems Floor Heating Cables 120V - 35.3 FT (DITRA-HEAT-E-HK)

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