The KBSB410TA is a prefabricated shower benchmade from Schluter's KERDI-BOARD. With a pre-sloped surface to prevent any water from pooling up, a pre-applied Kerdi waterproof membrane, and included waterproofing corners, the KBSB410TA shower bench includes everything you need for a waterproof installation. In addition to being waterproof, the KBSB410TA is also light weight and stable, making it the perfect addition to your Kerdi Shower system. Product Features Ready for Tile The KBSB410TA Shower Bench comes waterproofed and ready for install. Just install it in the shower where you want it and apply tile. Designed to integrate with the Schluter-Shower System It is designed to integrate with KERDI-SHOWER, provide handicapped accessibility, and can be tiled upon to create a completely waterproofed design. Easy Installation.

Schluter Systems: Kerdi Board Shower Bench (Triangular 16"x16"x20")

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