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Travertine tile is considered suitable for a variety of architectural styles and is recognized for its timeless beauty. Travertine, a warm honey-colored natural stone quarried for thousands of years, continues to be chosen by some of the world's best-known architects and designers. Because travertine is abundant, weighs less than marble or granite, and is comparatively easy to quarry, it was the natural stone most frequently used by the ancient Romans. Famous structures constructed with travertine tile include the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the colonnade of Saint Peter's Basilica, and many Roman aqueducts. Although obviously weathered by time, the fact that it is still in place attests to travertine great resistance and strength.


Travertine is found in greatest quantity where hot and cold springs have been active for tens of thousands of years. Travertine is quarried in Italy, Iraq, Iran and Peru. The most famous travertine location is Bagni di Tivoli, about 12 miles east of Rome, where travertine deposits over 90 meters thick have been quarried for over two thousand years.

Travertine Collection

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